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Healthy-Living Television for the Kid in us All


Healthy-Living Television has never been so entertaining! “Cookin’ With Cutty” is a nationally syndicated half-hour family television show, which promotes positive health and nutrition lifestyle choices for children and their parents. Fast-paced, high-energy segments featuring Cutty, Lisa, Blakely & the Kids focus on the benefits of eating well, exercising and being tobacco free. Our mission is to encourage good health, nutrition and fitness habits to children around the world, with the hopes they will carry them into their adulthood. Filmed entirely on location throughout the beautiful Islands of Hawaii, Cookin’ With Cutty informs and educates children, parents and families through the easiest learning method on earth..FUN!


Media Kit

  • Created in 1998 by Cutty Cutler, Lisa Phillips, Gregg McAllister, Blake McGrath

  • Our Goal: To entertain, inspire and empower kids and families with stories that explore sports, nutrition and culture.

  • Target Audience: Appropriate for kids 12-16 plus entertaining & current enough for young adults & parents.

  • TV Rating: E/I (Educational/Informational)...we help networks fulfill their federal educational broadcast obligations.

  • On Air continuously since 1999-Syndicated nationally since 2002

  • Pilot episode was featured at the 16th annual Hawaii International Film Festival

  • Format: Live-Action format includes high energy healthy cooking/nutrition segment, sports or activity segment, and education or cultural segment.

  • 30 Minute show with 23.5 minutes of content.  Balance of 6.5 minutes for commercial use by station, network & producers.

  • *Our national distribution combined with the Hawaii broadcast ranks us consistently among the top 50 most broadcast cooking genre shows on television.

Press Coverage


"Cutty and Company possess more energy than the combined output of a tactical nuke, the Las Vegas County power grid and the Red Hot Chili Peppers when they were in their prime." — Kekoa Lake, 16th Annual Hawaii International Film Festival

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NEW...check out our brand new 24/7 Cookin' With Cutty TV Channel...streaming our extensive library of previously produced episodes dating back to 1999, every day on CarbonTV.


Check out this fun animation Cutty & the Gang produced for Patricia bragg and the Bragg Health Institute


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