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CTV66 ’Cutty MacNutty’

Join Cutty and the gang as they learn all about the delicious Hawaiian Macadamia Nut.  The gang starts their day at a family-owned organic Macadamia Nut farm in Honaunau Hawaii where they learn about how the Mac nut is grown and harvested.  The kids also learn how to ‘press’ Mac nut oil and other cool uses for Mac nuts.  Cutty & the kids then learn about the sport of foil-surfing after which Kona’s Surfing Chef Muzzy Fernandez treats the group to a delicious Mac nut based pupu, entree and dessert featuring Kona grown Kampachi.

CTV65 ’Neighbors’
Produced in Association with the American Paddle Tennis Association

Join Cutty & his friends, family and neighbors as they set out to make the world a healthier place…one neighborhood at a time.  The gang puts together a charity “street league paddle tennis” event, pitting the Venice Beach Legends against Cutty & The Big Island All-Stars...and raises money along the way to buy more nets for surrounding neighborhoods.  The kids also explore the world of sandwiches with the awesome ladies of Poi Dog Deli in their efforts to feed our hungry athletes a hearty lunch.

Episode 64 'Hula Holiday'

Join Cutty & the gang as they meet a group of Hawaii Island Hula professionals and enthusiasts doing what they can to help our youth become the best they can be through the art of Hula.  The gang learns about the health benefits of Hula, it’s sacred history & culture and get a Hula lesson.  We also celebrate Makahiki season with food, games, music, dance & more.…all under the watchful eye of renowned Hula Kumu Keala Ching.

Episode 63 'PaddleMania'

Join Cutty the gang as they meet a group of multi-generational Hawaii Island paddlers using their skills, talents and love to help our youth become the best they can be.  The gang learns about the health benefits of paddling, it’s sacred history & culture and get a paddling lesson off the gorgeous Kona Coast.  We also join some junior team members as they train for and compete in one of the worlds largest outrigger canoe races named in honor Hawaii’s “Queen Lili’uokalani’.  The gang later celebrates fun & family with a hearty Hawaiian-style meal featuring chicken long rice and Kalua Pig.

Episode 62 'Veganomics'

Join Cutty & the kids & I as we explore the magical Kona Coast on board the “cruelty-free” Hula Kai, learning ways to conserve our ocean and our precious coral reef while enjoying the cool under, and above-water treasures Kona has to offer.  The gang also learns how they help save the world by eating a delicious vegan meal featuring the locally grown 'Ulu plant.  A special episode featuring a forward-thinking Kona Ohana now in it’s 4th generation of serving the Hawaii tourism industry.

Episode 61 'Yard to Table'

Cutty & Gang dream up a community project to help less fortunate citizens achieve greater food independence by donating the items they need to grow their own food and teaching them how. Cutty enlists the help of some very special local students and faculty members who all help make things better for deserving families. After a long day gathering reclaimed wood, building raised garden beds and delivering the goods to those in need, Cutty rewards the gang with some ice cold homemade vegan soup...Gazpacho.

Produced in association with Yard2Table Foundation

Episode 60 'That's Bananas'

Another awesome day on the Kona Coast as the Cutty gang, guided by athletes/environmentalists Donica & Abraham Shouse harvest one of the worlds most sustainable materials…bamboo…which they use to make their own paddles for a day of stand-up paddle boarding.  Meanwhile… the gang harvests, dries and eats the delicious Hawaiian Apple Banana.  The crew is also blessed to introduce Tiana Kamen and her “Farm to Keiki” project.

Episode 59 'Puppy Love'

A special day as Cutty & Gang visit with the Hawaii Island Humane Society to learn about some of their amazing community outreach programs for our local youth.  In addition to learning about everything from Fostering, to day trips, to reading to them, and of course…adopting, the gang learns the basics of good pet care and training in the HIHS “Junior Pal Program”.  As a reward for all the doggy kisses and hugs, Cutty, Donica, Abra and the gang cook up a delicious vegetarian meal and some special treats for their canine companions.

Produced in association with the Hawaii Island Humane Society

Episode 58 'Alohaspitality'

In that Maui and Hawaii has been synonymous with world class Aloha hospitality for years on end, Cutty & gang learn a few secrets on how to spread the Aloha Spirit with love, as they take an Ukulele lesson and make beautiful Lei for their friends and family. Later the kids join Chef Jennifer of Westin Maui Resort & Spa for a delicious day of Bento Box making in a really cool “Food Truck”. This episode features a special music performance by the Keiki of the non-profit Maui Music Mission.

Produced in association with Ka'anapali Beach Resort Association

Episode 57 'Foot Golf & Finger Food'

Join Cutty & the ladies from Lahaina Luna soccer team spend the day at Kaanapali resort with Roy’s Executive Chef Jessie Anacleto, learning how to make some vegetarian “Finger Food”food that can be easily eaten without utensils.  Later, after Cutty loses a golf challenge to PGA Professional, Sutee Nitikorn, he rallies his new soccer team friends to help him win a “FootGolf” challenge.  Viewers will be highly entertained while learning about the interesting history of “FootGolf”. 

Produced in association with Ka'anapali Beach Resort Association

Episode 56 'Keiki in the Kitchen'

Cutty & the Gang spend the day at "Keiki in the Kitchen®”, a nonprofit family-friendly event founded by Hawai‘i Food & Wine Festival to provide the local community with an opportunity to interact with the Festival’s celebrity chefs, learn about healthy eating and lifestyles, and gain knowledge about Hawai‘i’s history and local agriculture. The gang spends their time participating in various activities including exercising, and decorating cupcakes with Food Network Chef Duff Goldman.  The kids finish out their “cheat day” with Chef Tom. Murimoto of Ka’anapali Beach Hotel, cooking up some very unique hot dogs.

Produced in association with Hawaii Food & Wine Festival

Episode 55 'Feed Your Brain'

Cutty Join Cutty & the Gang as they take part in some fun & healthy activities involving wheels...which takes a bit of a twist and leads to the gang learning all about concussion prevention, care and after-care. Cutty & the Kids make this episode fun and enlightening while also driving home some important information about this critical topic. This episode touts a cooking segment featuring fresh, organic “brain food”, and is produced in tandem with the Hawaii Physical Therapy Association.

Produced in association with Hawaii Physical Therapists Association

Episode 54 'Giving Back'

Cutty & gang learn about giving their friends, Ohana, neighbors and community. Cutty meets a group of kids who give back to their community in some very special ways. This inspires Cutty, & crew to provide some delicious fresh produce to a local charity that provides free meals to those in our community most in need.  Special guest Jamie Eversweet helps the kids prepare home-made salad dressing from fresh local ingredients, after their morning yoga session. Hence a visit to the local farmers market hunting for fresh produce. Cameo appearance by Hawaii Sate Senator Dru Kanuha.

Produced in association with Kona Task Force to Feed the Hungry

Episode 53 'Your R What U Eat'

Featuring Dr. Patricia Bragg.  This would turn out to be a particularly fun day as the gang is first treated to a before-school healthy vegan pancake breakfast at the Bragg Farm by Cutty’s Special Guest, Dr. Patricia Bragg. Later, Cutty makes things interesting when he speaks on behalf of the Bragg Health Institute to elementary students about Health & Wellness topics such as portion control, good exercise habits and more. The gang also visits a farmers market in Santa Barbara to learn about organics.

Produced in association with Bragg Health Institute

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