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Yard2Table Foundation

Grow Food, Not Grass

A Hawaii Non-Profit Company

Our Mission is to build greater food independence by collecting, building, donating and delivering raised gardens, soil, seeds and education to those in our community, and beyond, whom are most in need.


Welcome to the Yard2Table Foundation.  A Hawaii non-profit organization who’s mission is to donate gardening supplies to those interested in “growing food, not grass”.  We will provide raised gardens, dirt and seeds to all qualified applicants, and provide education, instruction and guidance in recipients efforts to grow, harvest, share and eat home-grown food.

E Komo Mai


We encourage, promote and support the following platforms...
* CSA, Community Supported Agriculture
* Front & back yard food gardens
* Fruit Tree Plantings
* Agricultural education & media programs

Our Platforms


We are working on the following projects...
Assembly and distribution at least 1000 of our home food garden kits to local residents, affordable housing and apartment complexes, schools & homeless shelters.

Our Goals

Recipients of our Y2T Food Garden Kits recieves a custom made raised wooden garden, composting soil fruit & vegetable seeds.


Y2T Food Garden Kit

Our planters are constructed with reclaimed or repurposed materials and by our all-volunteer team.  Compost and seeds ared donated by local businesses who believe in our cause.  Our volunteers will deliver the kits to you and help you get it set up.  We'll also provide you with some information on successfully growing your food.

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Or scan this VR code to make a donation...



Or This?


We love you, grass...but unless you are feeding livestock or engaging in one of your many uses, it's time to make the most of our water, land and other finite resources. There is a growing trend towards scaling back our lawns...and it's long overdue. Many around the country are converting to stone yards and other resource-saving options. But...imagine if those of us with yards grew food instead of grass, how much better off our communities, and our world, would be. Let's be the change we want to see.

Your monthly, or one-time contribution will help us continue to deliver as many Y2T yard-garden kits, to those most in need, as possible.


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