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Welcome to Sunset Grill TV

Welcome to “Sunset Grill” TV, Hawaii’s newest hi-definition exotic cooking/travel genre TV series. Each “eco-friendly” episode features Hawaii’s most awesome Chefs cooking "Island Style" with fresh, organic locally grown & harvested ingredients...just as the sun sets on another beautiful Hawaiian day.   Get to know our featured Chefs and other notable guests in an intimate setting as they show-off their “skills on the grills” at our enchanting EVO Grill outdoor kitchen.  Episodes culminate with a great meal being enjoyed by a small group of friends and “ohana” during one of the worlds most beautiful and classic sights...the Hawaiian sunset.

"Every day around the world people will stop whatever they are doing, if only for a moment, to celebrate ...the Sunset”.  Cutty Cutler, Creator/Executive Producer, Sunset Grill TV


Eco-Friendly Segments

  • Encouraging viewers to use fresh locally grown ingredients & support their own local farmers

  • Not just regional cuisine...neighborhood cuisine

  • Promotion of organic foods & self-sustaining community eco-systems.

  • Encouraging viewers to understand more about essence the food they are


  • Promotion of “green movement”...recycling, composting...etc.

  • Encourage viewers to attend events that support the communities in which

    they live.



  • Featuring the EVO Grill

  • Sunset Grill will be the first cooking show series to be shot on-location where filming takes place just before, during and after our legendary Hawaiian sunsets.

  • Environmentally friendly outdoor kitchen & set allows close contact and personal interaction between Chef & our dinner guests.

  • Travel & Leisure element adds energy and excitement and tie together all the segments.

  • Live Hawaiian Music on set.

  • Cooking techniques are kept simple in nature...allowing

    viewers to easily replicate.


Season One Features

Waimea Tomato/Greens


Hawaiian Chocolate


Locally Grown Shrimp

Locally Grown Lobster


Locally Grown Seaweed

Hawaiian Purple Sweet Potato

Exotic Fruit

Fresh Fish

Kona Coffee

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